Samgatha has so much to offer that we must request you orient your device to portrait or find a larger screen. You won't be disappointed.


Over the last decade, Samgatha has become a cultural extravaganza,
that has hosted some epic wins and unforgettable moments, with the likes of
King Siddharth, Poly Varghese, Drums Murali and Matt Bacon adding grandeur to the celebrations.
Come step into a whole new world of spectacles.
A place where new friendships are forged and memories are forever etched into your hearts.
Experience Samgatha in all it’s glory and watch your dreams unfold and turn into reality.

Embark on a remarkable and nostalgic journey through
time. Travel across the ages and take a sneak peek at a
world frozen in time.
Here's your chance to relive and reminisce the days gone
by. At this fest its all about time, about the times.
Join us at Samgatha 2019 as we "Rewind"